You can attach files to Organization records, the Client Master, Visits, Cases, Tasks, and Comp Claims – most anywhere you see the Attachments Action Center panel associated with any dataform or Org/Contact record. You can attach and link to files (such as Google docs and sheets) or a website. Attaching files is easy; drag files to the Attachments bar or use the upload procedure.

To attach a file using drag:

  1. Open the file explorer on your computer and locate the targeted file.
  2. In ClientSpace, open the targeted dataform.
  3. From your file explorer, select and drag the files to the dataform Attachments bar. There is no need to expand the pane. You can select multiple files and drag them to the Attachments bar. You cannot upload additional files while a file upload is in progress.

The file is attached, with the counter incremented. If you try to upload a file extension that is not allowed, you receive an error message "You may not upload files with an extension of .xxx." To add accepted file types, see the topic, Adding accepted file types for file attachments.

To attach a file using Upload File:

  1. From the Action Center, expand Attachments.
  2. Click (Attach a file).
    Upload File becomes available.
  3. Click (Upload File).
    The Upload File dialog box opens.
  4. Click Choose File.
    File Explorer opens.
  5. Locate the file and click Open.
    The file name appears in File.
  6. Click Save.

The uploaded file is now attached.

To link to a file or website:

  1. From the Action Center, click Attachments.
  2. Click (Link) and then (Add a URL Link).
    The Link File dialog box opens.
  3. In Link, paste a link and then provide a Description.
  4. Click Save.

The linked document or URL is now available.

To delete attachments and links:

  1. In the Action Center, expand Attachments.
  2. Click (Files) or (Link).
  3. Locate the item, and click (Remove).

To view all attachments:

  1. In the Action Center, expand Attachments and click View Full Search.
    The Uploaded Files dashboard opens.

  1. From here you can View File, Add, Edit, and Delete attachments.

For details on managing file versions, see the next topic Managing attachments.