Searching Cases and Tasks

From the Cases and Tasks dashboards, you can search, view, add, edit, and delete cases and tasks, respectively.

To search cases and tasks:

  1. From the modules bar, click Cases or Tasks, depending on your need.
    The dashboard associated with your selection is displayed. By default, the list reflects active cases or tasks that are assigned to you, the logged-in user.
  2. To see only inactive records, in More search, set the filter to Archived.  
  3. To see both active and inactive records, in More search, set the filter to All.
    The filter chiclets reflect your settings. To save your search settings, click (Save This Search).

  1. To search for a specific case or task, in Quick Search, type the number or ID and press Enter.
    This action returns the record if it is Active or Inactive.
  2. To further filter the search, click More.
  3. To clear the filter chiclets, under the Quick Search box, click X.

To learn more about using search dashboards, see Search dashboards.