Recurring events

Recurrence controls the frequency of recurring events, which is located in the Action Center. The default setting is Non-recurring. To customize a recurring monthly event, see Repeats Monthly Custom.





To add recurrence controls:

  1. In the Recurrence pane, click Non-recurring.
    The frequency list displays.
  2. Select a frequency from the list:
    • Repeats Daily
    • Repeats Weekly
    • Repeats Monthly
    • Repeats Monthly Custom
    • Repeats Yearly

When you select a frequency, more options appear: Repeats Daily, Repeats Weekly, Repeats Monthly, Repeats Monthly Custom, and Repeats Yearly.

  1. How often would you like this event to repeat?
    • For example, if you select Weekly for the cycle, then the frequency choice would be Repeat Every n Weeks On Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su. Where n represents how many weeks to repeat.
    • Repeating on: Select the days of the Week/Month/Year you would like the appointment to repeat. Select as many days as applies.
  1. Select how long you would like the event to repeat based on the number of occurrences or end date:
    • Never Ends
    • End After n Times
    • End After date

Repeats Monthly Custom

Repeats Monthly Custom requires additional selections based on Start Date.

  1. In Recurrence, select Repeats Monthly Custom.
    More options appear. The default presents the frequency to repeat every month, starting with your current day of the week and week of the month.
  2. In Start Date, use the date picker to select a day of the week and the week of the month.
    In the date picker, select the targeted day of the week to coincide with your preferred week of the month. For example, if you want the recurrence on the first Wednesday of the month, then select the day as show in the following example. When you select a day and week, the display changes in the Recurrence pane.

  1. Complete the option to specify when the recurrence ends.
  2. Click Save.