Action Items

Action items are displayed in the Action Center and enable navigation to links, reports, notes, attachments, and time tracking items. The contents of the Action Center change based on the current active work object in the Work Center. For example, an open Organization has an Action Center that contains Contacts, Activities, Appointments, Tasks, Attachments, and Security. In contrast, a Workspace landing page may only contain Links, Reports, Tasks, and Activities.

Across the application, the Action Items work in the same way. These items are a series of collapsible objects such as Links, Reports, Tasks, Activities, and so on. The following image and numbered items describe the navigation.

Action items are Links, Reports, Tasks, and Activities. You can collapse and expand the entries. Links are configured as pinned open and appear expanded by default when the Action Center is refreshed. Non-pinned links appear collapsed under a More indicator at the bottom of the links list. Your system administrator can configure Action Items to display conditionally so that certain items only display if the proper conditions are met.
Action items that can have multiples, such as activities or tasks, display the current count of active items (if greater than 0) or display 0* to denote that there are no active items, with the asterisk signaling inactive items are available in the list. If no active or inactive items are available, there is no counter. Click + (Add) to start an Add dialog.
My Tasks displays a top ten list of tasks associated with the current Active Work item in the Work Center where the Assigned To user of the task is the logged in user. To view inactive records, click View Full Search. See Searching Tasks from an Organization.
Generally associated with organizations, activities are a list of emails, calls, notes, or calendar events associated with the client workspace.
If Time Tracking is enabled for your user account, and the active Work Item in the Work Center has Time Tracking enabled as well, then the Time Tracking action bar is available, allowing you to start and stop new Time records as well as view and edit existing time tracking items. This item displays the 5 most recent time tracking items.